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dotAtelier is a diverse mixture of texts, graphics, film and interactive media.

Ideas about art, philosophy, language, social sciences, survival and what it means to be human in the 21st century are found here. Texts are informed from a wide range of sources, but especially from contemporary European philosophy. Major themes include what is art, philosophy of language, perception, idealism, time, and culture.

The graphics which can be seen throughout dotAtelier are the product of intensive computer application to hand drawn images. They offer viewers the opportunity to stop a while and lose themselves in the timelessness to be found in them. Pictures are, although highly mediated by computer technology, strongly inspired by diverse cultural traditions, techniques and ideas.

dotAtelier creates knitware,woollen scarves and wraps, and printed cloth as well as screens and canvas.

Many of the short films of dotAtelier were made as multi-layered morphing graphics accompanied by music created out of elementary nature sounds from insects to birds to the sound of water in motion. Others feature classical music and new music. Films are hosted on Vimeo and YouTube.

Interactive applications were originally written in Java to allow users to compose their own music from nature elements. The graphical interface allows combination of sounds through mouse clicks to achieve desired complexes of sound. More recent interactive works are written using Flash and there is a game without winners or losers developed with Unity, which involves navigating through a virtual landscape designed by dotAtelier.


Collections of pictures.

The day and night sky


Inspired by flora - abstractions from flowers and plants


Life at the beach : sand and sea

sand and sea

The symbolic and mythological

symbols and myth



The fine art of food : edible culture

Graphics, texts and films by Neil Horne
















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