about dotAtelier


dotAtelier was established in 2002 by Neil Horne as a space for new media art and ideas about aesthetics. It began with a website featuring Java-based interactive works using nature music and graphics.

The name dotAtelier originates in the coincidence of associations with 'dot'. Dot art (Pointillism) is composed of elements such as dots to create a whole picture in a similar way to that produced by a computerised dot matrix printer or the pixel-based screen. Hence the dot brings together hand rendering and computer visualisation methods. It also emerged at a time when everything to do with computers began with the prefix dot. Based in the city of Düsseldorf, where there is an atelier on every corner, the name dotAtelier brought together all the elements.

surf dots

In 2005, the dotAtelier blog began. Soon the website migrated to its current home at and the blog to its current

dotAtelier is found at social media sites including video on Vimeo and YouTube, pictures on Flickr and Tumblr, as well as on Facebook.

Exhibitions have been held at 3Art in Radolfzell, Anyonion in Berlin-Neukölln and at the Urban Cycle Gallery in Berlin-Mitte.









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